I’m calling this “Drafts” because I’m not happy with the notes I typed up, but not willing to rewrite them from scratch. Mostly it will have game notes, which I intend to keep doing. I usually take notes during a game, and it’s pretty easy to type them up later. I may experiment with style and format a little bit (for example, the heading below is “Chakalia’s Diary”) so this will probably just stay in drafts until I find what I feel really works.

Also, I thought it might be fun to add some random flavor, and kind of wanted to bury it a little bit, as not everything pertains to the game in a very practical way. And there’s so much opportunity for humor (what wouldn’t I do to be funny?)...

Chakalia’s Diary

In the interest of burying more random tidbits, I created the aptly named “Random Thoughts” area. Enjoy.

Random Thoughts

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