Cedenia: Blood and Steel

When Hobgoblins Attack

The party meets...


Nim and Nala, elf fraternal twins, have been travelling up the Deepmist River for five months, helping those they can and doing odd jobs along the way.  They have just arrived at the town of Polsmere and have gone to the Black Stag Brewery for dinner before heading out of town to rest the night.

Calvin is a young orphan boy that has recently connected with Aelia, a beautiful dwarven priestess of Sune, goddess of beauty and love.  They have been travelling through the disputed lands and arrive at Polsmere in time for dinner at the Black Stag Brewery.

Chakalia has been wandering in Cedenia, trying to track down her friend who was kidnapped. The trail has led her to the town of Polsmere, where she hopes to gather additional information or at least a rumor of the trail, hoping that it hasn't grown cold. She is directed to the Black Stag Brewery as that is the most likely place for travellers to stay while they are passing through town.

Doppin Grad is the polite and friendly owner of the Black Stag Brewery.  He has several dishes available, although they are all a variation on chicken, with some vegetarian options. He takes the orders personally then his son takes over and delivers food and handles drinks.  The food is fairly good and surprisingly has a bit of spice and flavor. He encourages travelers to stay at the Black Stag Inn, next door, where his wife will handle all their lodging needs.

Dinner is wrapping up and there is a bit of conversation between the child, Calvin and the elf pair.  He seems fascinated and curious about the elves, having never seen their kind before.  As the dwarven priestess reveals a little of her background, the human girl, Chakalia, seems intrigued and is furtively drawn into the conversation.  Everyone in the restaurant is surprised when the front door is bashed in and knocked off its hinges. 

Three ugly, monstrous hobgoblins charge in, immediately attacking the two patrons sitting at the counter/bar near the entrance.  Combat ensues, with the other townsfolk not contributing anything other than panic.  They flee as soon as they are able. The human female quickly grabs her longbow and before anyone can act, she puts two arrows into the nearest hobgoblin, nearly dropping it dead. 

Nala, the elven wizard, looses a fire blast and deals significant damage to another.  Once Nim has his weapons employed, a longsword and impresive shield, he becomes a defensive juggernaut.  Nim tries to attract as much of their foe's attention as he can and several of the creatures focus their attacks on him.  Chakalia and her deadly bow are also a focus for the creatures.

Additional hobgoblins stream into the tavern, entering the fray.  In addition, some of the humanoids are weilding a strange torch-like device that they use to start the place on fire.

Although taking some heavy hits from the hobgoblins, the party triumphs and kills all of the intruders.  They quickly work together and get some townspeople invloved in fighting the flames and prevent the building from burning down. Actually, very little damage is done at all.

The party hears from other townsfolk that there were several other attacks on the city and it seems as though the hobgoblins were coordinated.  There were also some other creatures involved in the attack.  The main focus, and largest group, targeted the feast hall, near the center of town.  The building serves as a town hall and is where the council meets to discuss town business.  There were several trophys held on display and several of those were taken by the invaders.  Additionally, although there was very little loss of life, many people were injured in the fighting.  There have been reports of people missing, and that is corraborated by eyewitness accounts of townsfolk being kidnapped by the hobgoblins.

In all, around 20 hobgoblins were killed by the town guard {and 8 more killed by the PCs}; it is estimated that another 15 fled with the hostages and the relics.



Ummmm, you’ve pretty thoroughly covered the game recap… :) (unless what you’re looking for is creative writing from our perspective of the events)

I will, however, update the Wiki with other stuff from my character. :D

When Hobgoblins Attack

You do not have to write up the entire night’s events. If you want to post something from your character’s point of view, that would be great; or, I may have missed some detail that you thought was important. The more people contribute, the better detailed and flavorful the game world becomes…

When Hobgoblins Attack

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