Cedenia: Blood and Steel


8-15-770 In the wake of the hobgoblin attacks, the heroes assist with triaging the wounded and helping the townsfolk put out fires.

8-16-770 The group is approached by one of the city council members, Erlick. He hopes that the party will assist the town even more and help to recover some heirlooms that were taken during the raid; as well as retrieve some townsfolk that appear to have been kidnapped.

Since it is still early in the day, the group decides to stop by Zerrika’s home, which is on the outskirts of town, just outside of the small wall that is under construction. Inside they find signs of a struggle and tracks that lead to the house and also away, obviously with someone additional in tow. The party follow the tracks of the hobgoblin mauraders into the foothills.

8-17-770 After a half day of travel, following the tracks that parallel the Deepmist River, they notice that the hobgoblin track diverge and head deeper into the foothills. The group follows the tracks and camp the night in the high foothills of the Cedenic Mountains.

While travelling uphill, Chakalia notices something downhill from them. The group investigates and discovers a camp that seemed to have been attacked. There was a pitched battle and two people were taken. The camp was hastily evacuated by the hobgoblin victors. The group searches the camp and finds a few items of note. The first is a high quality dagger that is given to the child, Calvin. Second is a potion belt with three magical potions identified as: healing, magical armor and magic resistance (saving throw) potions. Finally, a pair of heavy, leather falconry gloves with the symbol of the House of Serja inscribed on them. Chakalia recognizes the gloves as having belonged to her uncle, Sargon.

8-18-770 At dawn, a group of hobgoblins attempt to ambush the group in their camp, but they are noticed by the person on watch. Combat ensues and the party is victorious.

End: @ dawn/6am.



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