Game scheduled for TBD @ 6:00 pm.

In the wake of a war that ravaged southern Cedenia, adventurers step in to fill the void left by a lack of national support. We begin in the small town of Polsmere, where their population has swelled over the last few years, almost to the point of bursting. Now, two years after the end of the war, Polsmere is settling into a return to normalcy.

Once in the heartland of Cedenia, Polsmere is now in the ravaged, disputed lands between Cedenia and new nation of Gilam. Ten miles in each direction along the Deepmist River and Darkfen Lake is contested land. Neither nation has laid claim to the region, leaving the people and settlements caught in the area abandoned to fend for themselves. In the vacuum left by no national support, the cities have isolated themselves into independent city-states, following in the footsteps of the original Cedenic government.

Without the presence of a national army, bands of brigands roam this area, preying on the folks abandoned in the wild. Similarly, monsters have become more aggressive, leaving the deeper wilds to foray into more populated areas. There is even talk of the monstrous humanoid races organizing again.

Initially inspired by the Scales of War campaign thread from Wizards of the Coast

Cedenia: Blood and Steel

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